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#1: Sites with more than 1 pop-up, pop up traps, scam sites, etc will be banned without warning.

#2: Your site must have the following types of content to be listed: Amateur or fetishes such as feet, legs, pantyhose, shoes, trampling, pedal pumping, bondage, tickling, BDSM, etc... Toplists are permitted but you must have our linking code on your site as a permanent link, not just as an account on your list.

#3: Add your linking code immediately after signing up at the URL you specify as the Reciprocal Link URL or your account will not be approved! (If your link cannot be found at the url specified in your account at anytime in the future, automated maintenance will remove your listing)
#3: A Working Banner is REQUIRED!  If your banner shows up as a broken image on our list, your site may be knocked to the bottom of the list.  If it continues to be a problem, your account may be deleted without notice. 

Step 1: Click here to choose one of my banners (must be served from your server)

Step 2: Click here to sign up for my toplist

Step 3: Add the banner to your site and use the linking code provided in Step 2.

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